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- 4 chicken breast cut in half and pounded thin. Cut again..each breast yields 4 pieces

-  2 cups of your favorite hotsauce

-1 stick of butter

- two tomatoes sliced

- lettuce

- 1 lb of  bacon slices (fry in advance)

- 16 provolone cheese

- 1 cup of mayonassie

- 1/2 cup blue cheese dressing

- 2 loaf of Italian Bread

- 2 red vidalia onions

-3 eggs

- 2 cups of all-purpose flour

- 3 cups of panko bread crumbs

-salt and pepper

- oil for frying
Now for the  le direzioni...
1. I start with the onion rings..using a mandolin slice onions thinly. Set up a dredging station, a bowl with the flour, a bowl with the eggs, and finally a bowl with the panko bread crumbs..Season each bowl with salt and pepper. Take onion slices through the dredging station starting with the flour, then eggs, then panko. Fry at 350 degrees (usually a medium setting) until golden brown. Drain on paper towel and season with salt when fried..
2. In large skillet (that can be place in the oven), mix butter and hot sauce and warm over medium heat, add chicken breast and saute for 4 to 5 minutes. Place skillet in a 350 degree oven for for an additional 6 to 7 minutes. For the last 2 minutes, place the oven to the broil setting, add a piece of provolone cheese to each piece of chicken and melt.
3. Building the club..cut Italian bread into 1 inch slices and toast. Mix mayonnaise and blue cheese together. As club sandwiches are made with three slices of bread spread mixture on all three pieces of toasted bread. On the bottom piece of bread place chicken breast, 3 onion rings and bacon, add another piece of toasted bread, then add tomato and lettuce. Top with final piece of toast, add toothpicks to make cutting easier. Top with onion rings.

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Should a woman only be barefoot and pregnant slaving over a hot stove?
Can a woman actually write about the manliest sport of all:  Football?  And if so, does that mean she should be writing it while wearing lingerie?
Nothing infuriates me more than when a man who believes that a woman cannot comprehend any sport other than softball or cheerleading; only because it’s what they could “possibly” have played or have participated in.  I’ve got news for these men who still think it’s the 1950’s – times are a changing and they have been for a long time.
I am a tomboy, always have been, with a love for sports.  I have played just about every sport and have excelled at most.  I have a fierce competitive nature and a knack for understanding the game.  What can I say?  I guess up in a house full of testosterone. 
There are many sports today that where considered “men only” while the lady folk just tolerated them.  Today, you will find more women who not only have a love for sports, but understand it.  There are more women who love football than you can imagine.  Not only do they wear the jerseys, they know the game, they organize the parties, draft a winning fantasy team, and will debate with anyone about any aspect of the game while standing her ground with back up.  
Just because we might not have played the game, does not mean that we do not understand it and know it. 
Advertising companies and the NFL are adjusting to this.  There are women who hold key positions in the NFL.  You have team orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, VP of Operations, CEO of an NFL team, and agents who are all women. The NFL has also made it a rule that at least one diverse candidate must be interviewed for a senior executive opening. Commercials, merchandise, and jewelry are being designed with the women in mind.  Websites, blogs, and sports columns are being written and run by women.  This is not all because a bored house wife has nothing but time on her hands, it’s because football ignites a passion. 
Some women even take that passion to the next level by playing the sport.  There have been several who have played successfully at the college level.  Others have taken it one step further with playing in the Independent Woman’s Football League, Women’s Football Alliance, Women’s Spring Football League, and the Lingerie Football League.  Some might not consider these as true football but the fact of the matter is that they are recognized as Football and as a sport.  Whether you believe that women can handle the physical and mental aspects associated with playing at the professional level, women are making their mark in a something that was male dominated for so long.   
I challenge any man who thinks that I do not know sports.     I will gladly meet you on the football field where I hit you in the head with my perfectly thrown spiral that I have no idea how to throw while you never see it coming. 

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Prime Time Phony

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Like many Ravens fans, I enjoy seeing former Ravens pretending to be sports journalists on networks like ESPN, NFL Network, CBS, NBC, etc. Even if they sound like nitwits I’ll cut them some slack because, well, they are our nitwits.
However, this slightly twisted logic goes out the window faster than a Randy Moss roach during a traffic violation when it comes to Deion Sanders.
Let’s just call Sanders for what he is – a narcissist. There is no one he loves more than himself with his alter ego Prime Time running a very close second. And both are as phony as Pamela Anderson.
Any man who claims to love his children would not publicly attempt to destroy their mother regardless of who is right or wrong. Even if Pilar Sanders suddenly morphed into the Wicked Witch of Texas it is so extraordinarily shameful for Deion to use his Prime Time celebrity to swing the court of public opinion in his favor and trample upon his baby momma’s reputation.
If he cared about his kids even a small fraction of what he claims, he would understand that this behavior, this unnecessary attention, this undermining of the woman who brought those children into the world, will leave scars that will never fully heal.
Regardless of who is at fault in the relationship, there’s a way to handle these things and a way not to if for no other reason than the mental stability of the children.
The problem here is that the biggest child in this scenario is none other than Sanders himself.
Whether he’s right, wrong or sharing in the blame in his relationship with Pilar, what he is doing to those children is despicable.
So the next time you see this poster child for phoniness on TV, change the channel. If enough of you do the networks might turn the lights of Prime Time off for good.
And that’s exactly where they belong.

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